The StepKinnection Project

The StepKinnection project explores the use of interactive video games to reduce the risk of falling in elderly. Our approach consists on developing games that combine the fun factor inherent in video games with a clinical assessment tool. While the entertainment factor engages the person in to exercising, the incorporation of a clinical test allows for the continuous assessment of health outcomes.

At the current stage of the project, the following two systems have been created:

The StepKinnection Game for Fall Prevention

StepKinnection GameA Kinect-driven stepping game for the elderly, based on stepping exercises that train specific cognitive and physical abilities associated with falls. This system combines a set of suitable age-related features and an embedded clinical test for fall risk assessment.



stepkinnection gameThe combination of these two aspects makes the game potentially useful in practice as the game is appealing to the elderly cohort and at the same time allows for a continuous assessment of their health outcomes; characteristics not available in current commercial games.



The StepKinnection Test for Fall Risk

stepkinnection clinical testAn interactive system for the elderly that incorporates mechanisms to simultaneously perform a hybrid clinical test for fall risk assessment. This clinical test includes a simple stepping task along with three voice-enabled cognitive activities allowing for the assessment of stepping performance under the dual-task paradigm.